Computer Simulations


Formation of filaments

Formation of a group of galaxies

Formation of a galaxy

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Additional info and links

Additional information on large-scale structure

the Coma cluster of galaxies

Runaway Universe: online companion to the PBS program of the same name. Great visual introduction to the concepts discussed here.

Walls within Voids: introduction to the observational efforts to map the large-scale structure from NCSA.

Wayne Hu's Introduction to the Cosmic Microwave Background and origin of structures

Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial

The Adventure of Experimental Cosmology: public Compton lectures series by Clem Pryke.

Observational Tests of Big Bang Cosmology: public Compton lectures series by Joseph Mohr.

Thinking Inside the Box: the University of Chicago magazine article about simulations presented in these pages.

The Center for Cosmological Physics is a Physics Frontier Center of the National Science Foundation NSF logo

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